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Rest In Peace

I've been way too busy to do a proper post in the memory of the King Of Pop, but I wanted to at least post these alternate versions that have been floating around - most notably on this white label 12" that came out a few years ago or so. I think these recordings really capture the very basic, soulful drive of Michael in the creative process, and at a time in his career where he was really starting to go in his own direction musically. Also apparent here is the overlooked talent of youngest Jackson brother Randy (Steven), who proved to be a multi-talented musician on percussion, bass, keys, guitar, etc. Randy wrote "Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)" and helped develop many of the songs on "Off The Wall", which can be heard on a couple of these tracks. Despite the somewhat low audio quality some of these grooves are absolutely amazing. Not sure what the story is on the "Rock With You" and "Billie Jean" versions here but they are …

I Get Wreck'd

Here's that Tim Dog Wreck'd remix from the Playcrater 2 mix, per request. Shout out to my dude Mattice.

Tim Dog/KRS-O.N.E. - Wreck'd (samoo/gamm remix)

4onefunktion Tonight

With specials guests Jay Cee Oh, Mr. E, and J-1! Peep the Super 7 mix assembled by Jay Cee Oh, featuring yours truly among many others.

SUPER 7 Volume 1

Like The Way You Work It

This is an old idea that I re-worked a few months ago and forgot about, was going through some sessions the other day and thought I should post it up. The instrumental is from the QSO/Alice Russell cover of "Left & Right" by Red, Meth and D'Angelo. Much respect to Quantic Will out in Colombia, a great dude and all around talented producer.

N.O. Diggity (follow me re-work)

Don't Need No Hook For This Hit

Messing around with the Drake instrumental and came up with this blend yesterday. I really like this beat, nothing too fancy but it has a raw, ringing swing to it.

Shawty Is A 1.0. (best i ever had fix)

R & Boogie

A lil' summertime ditty from last year, gotta love some RJ's L.A.!

Somethin For The People - My Love Is The Ishhh (rj's latest arrival rework)

Happy Birthday

Old School (b.cause back to the books mix)

Props to my man A-Ron for putting this on my plate, he gave me the acappella a couple years back and asked me to hook something up for his dope "Know Your History" CD.

Bladerunners & Platurn @ The DIP Thursday

Yep, It's that time once again for the Dip at Bruno's. This month we have a few more super special guests for you, The Bladerunners (7L, Beyonder) out of Boston and Oakland's own party wrecker DJ Platurn. For those of you who haven't heard the Bladerunners edits you are in for a treat! The Dip is every 3rd Thursday of the month and is always FREE!

MC Shan - The Bridge (bladerunners dub)

Let's Get It On/Live Your Life

Put this together last fall and it's surprisingly still pretty useful at times. I love the way the synths play off of Marvin's voice.

Let's Get It On (live your life fix)

DJ Matthew Africa - Best Of DJ Quik Mix

The kind dude Matthew Africa is giving away this beast of a mix tape online, don't even think about it just cop it! Track list can be found on his excellent blogsite along with many other audio delicacies and knowledge jewels.

DJ Matthew Africa - Best Of DJ Quik

Life Of Autotune

Funny that during all this DOA ranting I should be finishing up a new T.Pain remix, oh well. Personally I don't mind the technology as long as the songs are good. There will always be overwrought trends and fads within music - pretty sure it's been like that forever. I think T.Pain writes and executes good R&B records. I am also a big fan of O.V. Wright and Sam maybe I just have shitty taste in music :D

This is an edit of a Jr. Boys song with some added drum programming and key chords from the ASR.

T-Payne feat Weezy F - I Can't Believe It (snap a pic rework)