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Ice Box & Township Funk

An edit that was done for the Super 7 mix, further extended, added breakdowns etc.

Omarion - Ice Box (b.cause rob 3 funk fix)

Rob Threezy aka DJ Rob 3 out of Chicago, Il. has been steady making serious club heaters, check out his myspace and buy his tunes over at ttlab.

You can still peep the Super 7 mix featuring Jayceeoh, Steve1der, yours truly, Morse Code, Platurn, Benzi and Eleven here.


Tonight at the Elbo Room, it's gonna be crazy.

Here's some footage of Exile and Day practicing their D-Train breakdown, like whoah.

Exile ft. DJ Day Practice Session Video from Jonathan Kim on Vimeo.

Enjoy What You Do

The good dude Trackademicks has a fresh new EP, "Enjoy What You Do" out on Fool's Gold today...peeep out the promo and then go copp it! Definitely looking forward to the 12", which will be coming soon.Tomorrow night they are having the release party at Vessel in SF.

Bonus Beats - an old edit I made with the tune whence the title came. The verses of the original track didn't quite withhold the test of time, as you might expect with a Wham rap song.Chorus is ill though :)

Wham R.a.p.p. (rapp-less re-vamp/party break)

Baby Don't You Know

Picked this up cheap the other day, a pretty decent tune on this Roy Ayers indie label. I highly recommend his "Lots Of Love" lp, also on Uno Melodic.

Baby Don't You Know 12inch Vocal

The Feelin's Gone

In this day & age of the incessant 'club banger', it's nice to stay in touch with music that is simply beautiful. Ballads for bangers!

The Honey Cone - The Feelin's Gone (hot wax 1974)

Crushin', Poppin'


Playcrater Too - Two More Edits


It's A Shame


Quest 4 Survival

A friend passed this amazing record on to me a long time ago, & it's still one of my favorites. RIP Plan Bee and King Mike Dream.

Plan Bee feat Poohman and Saafir - Quest 4 Survival

Funky Rewind - New Thursday Party In SF

Introducing the Funky Rewind, now going down on Thursdays @ the Skylark Bar. Swing by tomorrow night if you're in the Mission, it's free.

We Can Ride The Rhythm

Michael Jackson - Rock With You (b.cause dee-lite house-fix-it)

Taken and further tweaked - from the finished Playcrater Too mix, which I am also posting for the first time. I am going to break loose a couple other refixes from PC2 in the near future.

This is the final full length 60+ min CD version, not the 45 minute ruff that was previously online. I have hard copies of the disc back in stock too, so holler if you want one.

DJ B.Cause - Playcrater Too
(cover & tracklist below)