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Invisible Edit

You gotta read between the lines to get this, if you catch my driftorz :)

Gagga over cchopped n skkrewwed.

Rest In Peace, Eddie Bo

R.I.P. Edwin Bocage, a true pioneer and legend in the r&b game.

New Mix: Record Haterz

Brand new mix cd of funked out 90's bay area rap vinyl with the homie Mista B! Please get at me for cd orders/details - $10 shipped anywhere.

DJ's Mista B & B.Cause - Record Haterz

1) Intro
2) Dubee - My Thang
3) Delinquents - Deep
4) Lil Bruce feat. G-Note & Levitti - Keep A Tre' 8
5) P.O.D.E. feat Cougnut & Baldhead Rick - Product Of D Environment (edit)
6) Black Dynasty - Fire It Up (edit)
7) Young Lay - Playah's Mode
8) Ray Luv - In The Game
9) Spice 1 - 187 Proof
10) Mac Dre - Da Gift To Gab
11) Hugh E. MC - It's the Game
12) JT The Bigga Figga - Game Tight
13) Dre Dog - Chocolate Ty
14) Cold World Hustlers - Everday Thang (somethin' to ride to edit)
15) Primo - City Of The Players
16) Dangerous Dame - Stay With Me
17) Guce - Gimmie The Right
18) Spice 1 - Sucka Ass Ni66as
19) Spice 1 - Strap On the Side
20) 3X Krazy - Stackin Chips
21) 5150 - Bump A B*tch
22) D-Moe - Another Funky Verse
23) Total Devastation - Strictly For The Streets
24) West Coast Bad Boy…

Eggs With Onions Cheesy For Me



A lil' edit of some great uptempo R&B on Freestyle records from Lewis Taylor...the 12" version however was really tough to mix with due to the faded in beginning. Love this track!

Lewis Taylor - Reconsider (intro - outro)

Got Menahan Money

Here's an edit of the Menahan Street Band's "Tired Of Fighting" (b-side and instrumental to Charles Bradley's "The Telephone Song") with the T-Wayne vocals (got money). You know I had to sprinkle the "umbrella" drums in there too for that lil' part of the song, lol.

T-Pain & Lil' Wayne/Menahan Street Band - Got Money (tired of fighting re-fix)

Buy the original 7" on Dunham records right here.

Rich Cason's Robot

Here's a great b-side vocoder dub produced by Rich Cason, who is responsible for some of the most incredible west coast electro/funk productions ever. (see Killer Groove, Street Freaks, that Capt. Rapp joint on Kimberly, etc.) That of course being just the tip of the iceberg, Cason also played with Dyke and the Blazers in their heyday, wrote and arranged material by Leon Haywood & Formula V, not to mention a gang of other songwriting and arranging accomplishments throughout the years. I don't know anything about Tony Davis and whether or not that's actually R.C. singing but the dub definitely trumps the vocal version.

Tony Davis - Bootie Whip Part II

Not Five, Not Four, But The Three MC's


Ice C.R.E.A.M. Paint Job

Lil play on words, vocals over the RZA orig. with some drum edit layers of the Dorrough intro.

Dorrough Music - Ice C.R.E.A.M. Paint Job (b.cause wu-mix)