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New Mix! Playin' Kinda Ruff

I've had it in my mind to do this project for a long time, but it just kept getting pushed back...of course I picked an opportune time amongst the hectic holidays to put the deadline on myself - doh! Regardless, I'm really excited and proud to present this new mix, as Roger and Zapp have always inspired so many with their unique and pioneering brand of futuristic funk. You will hear most of the staples as well as plenty of lesser known rap choruses and interludes, and your usual assortment of blends and cuts that were probably over-scrutinized in the process of creation. Rest in peace Roger and Larry,  much respect to the entire Troutman family.

Playin' Kinda Ruff - The Troutman Legacy by Djbcause on Mixcloud
I have high quality CD copies available, to order please forward $10 (shipped anywhere) using the donate button up of the top right area of this page.
intro/gonna take a break
put your lovin' to the test
it doesn't really matter
husband/thin line

New Edit/Dub - Thinking Of You

Sorry for being so scarce ove the past few weeks, I've been hard at work on some new projects and busy with the holidays, family, etc. Anyways, here's a new jam - happy holidays to all of you and thanks so much for checking my lil corner of the internets this past year.

Thinking Of You (b.cause shanty town dubbit)

4onefunktion Anniversary Tonight

Elbo Room, be there! I got a new CD too so give me a holler.

Otis Sleep On

42 years. ago. Rest in peace.

New Blend: Number One


New Music: Bodie Lee

I get loads of daily messages soliciting new music as I'm sure most of you with an email account do. I find it really tough to find time to sift through the constant stream of stuff, much less find something actually enjoyable! Anyways, recently this guy Bodie hit me up with a promo and I might have missed it but I noticed he was out of Boise, Idaho. Now I have a bit of a connection with the Boise area as that is where I lived as a 5 year old, but I was also intrigued to hear what kind of tunes are coming out a place not many associate with the music biz.

Bodie Lee - Monaco

Bodie Lee - Monaco (Agent86 Disco Bomb Edit)

Bodie Lee - Foxy Tonight (Ajello Remix)

And damn, these jams turned out to be pretty hot! Uptempo, synth driven disco/dance tracks with a dubby edge and analog sound. Monaco is probably my favorite but all the tunes are nice. Check out the myspace for more on Bodie.