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MJ Remix 2: Scream

Finished this earlier today, might actually keep my promise on the series - haha! Giving it the 80's funk twist with an Mtume edit.

Scream (hips rework)

MJ Remix 1: Butterflies

3 MJ (Rest In Peace) remixes this week, here's the first.

Butterflies (movin' on mix)

Catchin' A 'Tude

It seems like a lot of cats want to chop the crap out of stuff before they have even learned the basics of how to make simple layered loop beats. An example of the latter, on this instro Mark the 45 King keeps it simple but slappin'.

Catchin' A 'Tude

New Edit: Super Brooklyn

Here's a little party break I made, much respect goes out to the Brooklyn folks.

Super Brooklyn (b.cause party break)

Lose My Breath (Candy Man Edit)

Yeah, I know...another one with BK. But hey, it's Saturday!

L*se My Breath (candy man edit)

West Coast Soul: Gee, It's Nice

Here's a really rare & sweet soul jam that I used to think was a Bay Area record given the label name, but found out later that it was apparently cut in L.A. I know that the group Chain Reaction (who worked with local producer Willie Hoskins) did an equally obscure version of the Rick Baked penned tune, which I'd really love to hear. Please let me know if you have any additional information or a recording of that version.

Charlie Harris - Gee, It's Nice

Blend: Trippin' At The Disco

I can't think of anyone that exceeds his rep so thoroughly as DJ Day. Quite simply put: dope & layered production, great ear for harmony, real nice on the keys, and one of the illest DJ's you're gonna see live ever. Not to mention the mind disintegrating live MPC performances. I hope D doesn't get pissed I keep adding the "wedding element" to his songs - last time it was Jody Watley, haha! Anyways, here's a lil' blendzor using the instrumental from his remix to the new People Under The Stairs single.

Cr*zy Right Now (t.a.t.d. blend)

Now go grab the new PUTS "Trippin' At The Disco" limited 12" ASAP or be sad later. Oh dag, looks like they are gone from the site already - check your local shop! To keep up on DJ Day's music, bookmark his blog over HERE.

And I Heard The Strangest Thing

Here are 3 southern rap remixes I've made from the past few years that I still dig. These tracks all share the same quality in that I basically took a straight soul or funk 45 & chopped it generously to work around the song structure. They took a lot of elbow grease but it was worth the effort.

Dolla (RIP) - Who The F-ck Is That (ya mama know remix)

Baby Huey - P*p Lock And Drop It (joey remix)

B*by Boy Da Prince - The Way I Live (you got what I need rework)

Face Down A$$ Up/Green Hornet

Tonight our favorite dirty rapps party is back!

Chico Sonido, Joe Banks and myself will be throwing down Bass, Bounce, Hyphy, Jerk and all kinds of other 808 rap jams - roll through! SF Underground is at 424 Haight, and the cover is only 3 bucks.

Here's an old favorite of mine, a lewd & low budget joint on LA's Z-Rock label. Lo fi bass rhythm, soul sample, suck my weenie lyrics, girls with scabs on their thighs, nursery rhyme interpolations, it's all there.

Green Hornet - F--ck All Them Ho's

Let The Groove Move You

Super raw Crescent City funk produced by Wardell Quezergue aka "Big Q". Gus "The Groove" Lewis was a 60s Nola radio DJ and owned the Libra label, which released Inell Young's incredible 45 "What Do You See In Her".

Let The Groove Move You (Tou-Sea)

Donk Ska

Been messing around with this edit for a while, & apparently couldn't stop adding percussion fills, lol! DJs please note that this is all non-quantized.

Ska-Donk (rework)