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Edit: We No Speak C.alabria

Fun lil' club blend/edit - Happy Holidays y'all!
We No Speak C.alabria

Groove Merchant 20th Anniversary Party TONIGHT

At Elbo Room in SF, with very special guest DJ. Hit me for $5 list & get there early, it will be crazy!

Soul: What Can I Do

Tough to scoop midtempo cut by Jean Shy with arrangements and writing help from legendary Harvey Fuqua and his cohort Vernon Bullock. Bullock was the creator of New Birth, producer of the Younghearts' 20th Century albums and writer of quite a few solid tunes.
What Can I Do I'm So In Love With You

New Edit/Remix: Mary J answers "All I Want Is You"


Cosmo Baker - Love Break 3

Two dope mixtapes out this past week that actually got me pretty hyped - this is the first, made by a dude who obviously really loves soul music on it's own terms. This is the 3rd chapter of his already legendary "Love Break" series. Respect and thanks to the homie Cosmo.
Love Break Three - The Heart's Final Chapter by cosmobaker

RIP Kwanz


New Blend: Come Around/Deuces

Here's something I made yesterday to the smell of apple pie baking from scratch.
Collie buddz - come around (b.cause doouces blend) by djbcause

New Disco Hyphy Remix: Do The On One

Here's one I've been holding for a minute, as usual I added a few chords with the Juno 106 for added effect.
Kinsmoke feat federation & rick rock - do the on one (b.cause synth edit) by djbcause

Stay With Me :: Max Kane Remix

Very nice new joint from the friend Max Kane.
Stay With Me (max kane slump remix)

Blend: Hello Good Morning



Sasac - Les Sorcières


I Can't Stand You/Only You

Here's an blend/edit I was playing with, vocals from the ROD Project.
I Can't Stand You (only you tweak)

Solomon Burke

Rest in Peace - 1940-2010

80s Synth/Bay Rap Edit: No Hoe Remix

Here's a new take on the old D-Lo joint, featuring Beeda Weeda, E-40 and The Jacka. Super Disco Hyphy still in the buildin'.
D-lo feat e-40 beeda weeda & jacka - no hoe (b.cause invitation edit) by djbcause

Shut Her Bug: Steppers Edit

A Little Kells treatment of the B. Boi joint with some added keys, etc.
Big boi - shutterbug (b.cause hypnotic edit) by djbcause

Playcrater Too Edit: Pushin' On/900 Number

One from Playcrater Too, shout out to DJ Beset for reminding me.
Alice russell - pushin' on (b.cause 900 number blend) by djbcause

Refix: No Letting Go/Hold Yuh

Here is a new reggae blend, with percussive accents.
No Letting Go (hold yuh refix)
Edit: just uploaded new, better version

New! Private Press Disco/Synth Edit

Alright, let's see if any of you record nerds can figure out what the original track for this is.
R.F.T.S. (cover-up edit)

New Remix: Pourin' Up feat. King Most

My good friend King Most gave me this MJ beat flip a long time ago when we were doing the weekly Side Effect party. I was doing a little live blend with it for a minute but it slipped my mind 'till recently. Hooked up some added percussion and fills, etc to keep it moving. Thanks to that dude Patrick for sharing the instrumental, check out his TUMBLR for more goodies.
Pourin' Up (don't stop the bounce version)

Break/Edit - I Wash My Hands of the Whole...

Here's a breakbeat tool I made for fun while ripping some old records in the to-go box...always loved this Black Sheep- sampled New Birth beat but it's pretty quiet on lp and kind of falls apart. I extended it out, ran some low pass for more bass, added a few fills, etc.
I Wash My Hands Of The Whole Damn Deal...(edit/break)
Edit: I just uploaded a newer version - the one I put up last night had a few things I didn't like about it so I made a few minor changes.

Edit: Ignition Remix/Spread Love + Earfuzz

My homie Chuckdafonk was kind enough to post an old edit of mine on the earfuzz site, along with a scorching old J.J. Barnes psych-soul joint that's well worth checking out. There's an abundance of Parliament/Funkadelic related nuggets on his site, I mean for real - the dude must possess a P-Funk P.H.D. The ignition remix is from 2006, I think. Big up Chuck!

Ignition - BCause Remix - R Kelly by earfuzz

Shake That Monkey/Super Disco Hyphy

New but somewhat crusty edit from that old disco hyphy cd, peace to the friends Big Jacks and David Enzo. Art by the good homie Tsega Dinka.
Shake That Monkey (sdh revisted edit)

Money To Blow - Transatlantic/Dubstep Version

I was playing around the other day and came up with this. I like it!
Birdman feat drake, lil wayne - money to blow (b.cause transatlantic fix) by djbcause

New Remix: OMG - Rage! Rework

Hey friends! Here's a brand new new Ursher remix, big ups to Pony P for hooking up the Chromeo record. And also to my dude Kutkorners for the studio acappella. I guess I had nothin' but the habit, haha. Thank you!
Usher feat. will i. am - oh my gosh (b.cause rage! rework) by djbcause

New Edit: If This Isn't Love

Uptempo flip of J-Hud's very lovely tune. I really despise working with DIY acapellas but I had no choice but to go though with it - there was nothing else available out there and I loved the way the track was working out.
If This Isn't Love (undercover rework)

Track The Movement: Tonight + new RMX

We are playing rap records all night tonight at Showdown in SF. Now if only I had a hand-truck.

And here's a new version of the dude Z-Man's "Cupcakin'" - one of my first MPC-based remixes, hopefully many more to come.

Z-man - cupcakin (b.cause jff remix) by djbcause

Gold Sweat 2 Year Anniversary

Tonight at Madrone in SF!

New SF Rap Heat: The Jealous Guys

Check out this excellent new rap joint from the local talents of Ayinde and Biz y Casa. Grab the whole One Night Stand mixtape here and peep out their blog for more.

4th Of July - BK Circus/Fillmore Jazz Fest!

The place to be!

Edit: What's Going On

Here's something I put together earlier this morning, it feels pretty nice to get something laid down after a long & hectic month.
Marvin gaye - what's going on (b.cause success edit) by djbcause

SF 6/21 Yelawolf X Z-Man X DJ Quest X B.Cause

Tomorrow night the friends from The Hydrilla are throwing a dope show - it's going down at Slim's in SF, featuring performances by Yelawolf, DJ Quest and Z-man. Get your tickets now!

Edit: Bedrock/Peculiar

Sorry for the lack of reworks lately, I've been slammed with real world paper chase related maneuvers and really haven't had any time to make music. Here's something older that I was gonna trash, but after listening again decided it was worth salvaging.
Peculiar (bedrock edit)
Other than that, I just wanted to express big thanks to those who take the time to check this blog. Have a great weekend!

Jesse Boykins III - Tabloids: Max Kane Remix

The funk brother Max Kane has put together this very chunky J.B. remix and was kind enough to share it with us. Grab that...just use an oven mitt or somethin'. Hot off the press!
Jesse Boykins III - Tabloids: (Max Kane Remix)

The Music All Is Lost For Now

DJ Day in the Bay!

Tonight in SF, at Elbo Room with King Most:

Tomorrow night in Oakland at Luka's:

'Nuff Said!!!!

Remix: Rock The Boat

Here's a new Bay Area/West Coast friendly version of baby girl's "Rock The Boat" over some "Game Recognize Game" maneuvers. JT is a somewhat overlooked master of the 90s g-funk sound and has banged out some Frisco classics. Check the extensive resume.
Rock The Boat (game recognize rework)
I've messed with these La vocals before, go here for the older version.

New Remix: Right Here + F.A.M.E. Slap

Here's a little treat from the crew to you! Max Kane sent me over this dope F.A.M.E. (Fresh Analog Music Experience) beat and I tinkered around and came up with an R&B edit.

Right Here (F.A.M.E. + B.Cause rework)

The instrumental is going to be featured on an upcoming compilation being put out by the homie J-1 (Animal Collective/Master Blazter). F.A.M.E. is Max Kane, Teeko and Malaguti.
Stay tuned for more projects with them in the near future.

Image courtesy of my good friend Bambouche.

Instro edit: Was That All It Was

Quick edit on the lovely J. Carn tune...might develop this further when I have time.
Need the 12" version though!

Was That All It Was (instro edit)

Jukebox Wizard - Soundcloud Page

Here's a link to the non-zipped files for Jukebox Wizard!

Latest tracks by Jukebox Wizard

So Fresh & So Clean

One from a few years back, still comes in handy sometimes.
Hey, if you are in SF come check out MR E, Relly Rels, Vinnie Esparza and myself at the ELBO ROOM tonight for "Treat Em Right"! We play soul, funk, latin, reggae, hip-hop, disco, and all that good stuff. Let me know if you would like to be on the guest list.

So Fresh, So Clean (let's get it on reprise)

No Diggitee Vs. Khayree/Luka's Tonight

Here's a blend I've dropped live a few times but wanted to record so I could get the arrangement just right. Mista B and myself are playing TA-DOW! at Luka's in Oakland tonight...this is the kind of stuff we play there - classics, r&b, bay area jams, rap, etc. If you are in the east bay this evening give me a holler and I'll throw ya on the list.

No Diggitee (sick wit this blend)

I Can Love You/I Need A Dollar + DJ Theory

Here's a brand new blend with the Aloe Blacc beat.

EDIT: Actually this is the homie DJ Theory's version of the instrumental to "I need a dollar" - peep out his take on that and C.R.E.A.M. over here. I try to keep up but damn! :D

I Can Love You (i need a dollar blend)

Recommended Listening


Remix: Gangsta Luuv

Pretty comfy fit over the "corn flakes" riff - I stripped the middle verse down to drums and played out some new key chords.

Edit: Say Ahh/Satisfaction

Love this Dre beat. Crafted some lil' drum fills, etc to keep it moving...

Say Aah (satisfaction edit)

New Big Boi Heat

R&B Rework: Hard - 80's Funk Version

One of my long time favorite Larry Graham grooves re-arranged + Juno + chops + Ri's vocals.

Hard (I Feel Good Rework)

Summer Soul Edit - L.A. Magic

Here's a little edit of a somewhat neglected warm so-cal nights joint - from the "Float Into The Future" lp.

L.A. Magic (b.cause s.b.s. edit)

Edit: Forever + I Got A Love

A little Pete Rock and Ambassadors thrown under the Drake joint, just for the hell of it.

Forever (i got a love version)

I Got 5 On On It - D.O.A. Break


Just Be Good To Me: Redux

Ryan Leslie sure makes some great beats. Here's an update on the SOS/Chandra tune using an intro from a old Cassie tune he laced.
S.o.s. band - just be good to me (b.cause can't do it without you fix) by djbcause