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New Mix! Playin' Kinda Ruff

I've had it in my mind to do this project for a long time, but it just kept getting pushed back...of course I picked an opportune time amongst the hectic holidays to put the deadline on myself - doh! Regardless, I'm really excited and proud to present this new mix, as Roger and Zapp have always inspired so many with their unique and pioneering brand of futuristic funk. You will hear most of the staples as well as plenty of lesser known rap choruses and interludes, and your usual assortment of blends and cuts that were probably over-scrutinized in the process of creation. Rest in peace Roger and Larry,  much respect to the entire Troutman family.

Playin' Kinda Ruff - The Troutman Legacy by Djbcause on Mixcloud
I have high quality CD copies available, to order please forward $10 (shipped anywhere) using the donate button up of the top right area of this page.
intro/gonna take a break
put your lovin' to the test
it doesn't really matter
husband/thin line

New Edit/Dub - Thinking Of You

Sorry for being so scarce ove the past few weeks, I've been hard at work on some new projects and busy with the holidays, family, etc. Anyways, here's a new jam - happy holidays to all of you and thanks so much for checking my lil corner of the internets this past year.

Thinking Of You (b.cause shanty town dubbit)

4onefunktion Anniversary Tonight

Elbo Room, be there! I got a new CD too so give me a holler.

Otis Sleep On

42 years. ago. Rest in peace.

New Blend: Number One


New Music: Bodie Lee

I get loads of daily messages soliciting new music as I'm sure most of you with an email account do. I find it really tough to find time to sift through the constant stream of stuff, much less find something actually enjoyable! Anyways, recently this guy Bodie hit me up with a promo and I might have missed it but I noticed he was out of Boise, Idaho. Now I have a bit of a connection with the Boise area as that is where I lived as a 5 year old, but I was also intrigued to hear what kind of tunes are coming out a place not many associate with the music biz.

Bodie Lee - Monaco

Bodie Lee - Monaco (Agent86 Disco Bomb Edit)

Bodie Lee - Foxy Tonight (Ajello Remix)

And damn, these jams turned out to be pretty hot! Uptempo, synth driven disco/dance tracks with a dubby edge and analog sound. Monaco is probably my favorite but all the tunes are nice. Check out the myspace for more on Bodie.

New Mix from DJ Platurn

Dj Platurn of the Oakland Faders is a good friend of mine. He also happens to be one of the best and most creative DJs around. There are just not a lot of cats who will put so much time and care into making thier mixes intricate, clever, fun and encompassing. All in all I think with all the technology that is in the hands of modern DJ folks should really put some work into their mixes rather than slap them together in a day or two, and I salute the small handful of folks who go that extra mile. Hats off to my homie Luke.

DJ Platurn - Journey Into Sound

Check out his website and for more goodies and shout out to

Shoulda Let You Go: '09 Revision

One for the Bay Area - Keyshia's anguished vocals settled in nicely over the dreamy layers of that synth, the beat being Erk's Tha Jerk's recent big local radio favorite "Right Here".

Shoulda Let You Go (right here edit)

Rated G Kid's Hip Hop Mix

Here's a child-friendly mix I put together in August for the Rated G kids hip-hop party over at the newly remodeled Fabric 8 space here in SF. They run a great community minded gallery over on 22nd St. featuring unique, quality goods by urban independent designers. Check out their website to see some of the fabulous local arts and crafts they purvey. Shout outs to Similak Chyld, Mr. E and Sonny Phono who all threw down quality g-rated slapps for the kids.

Rated G Kids Hip-Hop Mix 2009


Intro/Hard Knock Life
Sir Mix-A-Lot - My Posse's On Broadway
Joeski Love - Pee Wee's Dance
Spread Love Break
Tupac/Roger - California Love interlude
EPMD - The Steve Martin
DJ Day - Four Hills
Fergie Break
Mary J Blige - Family Affair
Biz Markie - Pickin' Boogers
Special Ed- I Got It Made
Doug E. Freah - Keep Risin' To The Top
Time Zone - Zulu War Chant
Tribe Called Quest - Award Tour/Pharcyde Runnin break
Jungle Brothers - Straight Out The Jungle
Run DMC - My Adidas (hey ladies rmx)
Bob Doro…

Ain't No Need

Busy week over here, but didn't want to neglect the site :V

Skye - Ain't No Need

Glamorous Lifestyle - The Hard Way

New blend feat the Jacka acapella over the Done Deal slap - I have a weakness for that guitar organ combo.

Glamorous Lifestyle (the hard way edit)

Music Takes Me Higher

Home style dub version using the recent Flo 'Rita' "Sugar" beat and working in the 2 in a Room and 49ers vocals for an uplifting, uptempo interlude.

Ahora Es (sugar music dubb)

MJ Remix 3: Remember

Better late than never, here's the the 3rd.

Remember the T.I.M.E. (don't stop remix)

Huayno En Cumbia

Let's take a little Cumbia break ~ unusual and heavy tune out of Peru. Got a bit of a raw 60s 'ska' feel to it. I really dig this style.

Falsa Moneda

MJ Remix 2: Scream

Finished this earlier today, might actually keep my promise on the series - haha! Giving it the 80's funk twist with an Mtume edit.

Scream (hips rework)

MJ Remix 1: Butterflies

3 MJ (Rest In Peace) remixes this week, here's the first.

Butterflies (movin' on mix)

Catchin' A 'Tude

It seems like a lot of cats want to chop the crap out of stuff before they have even learned the basics of how to make simple layered loop beats. An example of the latter, on this instro Mark the 45 King keeps it simple but slappin'.

Catchin' A 'Tude

New Edit: Super Brooklyn

Here's a little party break I made, much respect goes out to the Brooklyn folks.

Super Brooklyn (b.cause party break)

Lose My Breath (Candy Man Edit)

Yeah, I know...another one with BK. But hey, it's Saturday!

L*se My Breath (candy man edit)

West Coast Soul: Gee, It's Nice

Here's a really rare & sweet soul jam that I used to think was a Bay Area record given the label name, but found out later that it was apparently cut in L.A. I know that the group Chain Reaction (who worked with local producer Willie Hoskins) did an equally obscure version of the Rick Baked penned tune, which I'd really love to hear. Please let me know if you have any additional information or a recording of that version.

Charlie Harris - Gee, It's Nice

Blend: Trippin' At The Disco

I can't think of anyone that exceeds his rep so thoroughly as DJ Day. Quite simply put: dope & layered production, great ear for harmony, real nice on the keys, and one of the illest DJ's you're gonna see live ever. Not to mention the mind disintegrating live MPC performances. I hope D doesn't get pissed I keep adding the "wedding element" to his songs - last time it was Jody Watley, haha! Anyways, here's a lil' blendzor using the instrumental from his remix to the new People Under The Stairs single.

Cr*zy Right Now (t.a.t.d. blend)

Now go grab the new PUTS "Trippin' At The Disco" limited 12" ASAP or be sad later. Oh dag, looks like they are gone from the site already - check your local shop! To keep up on DJ Day's music, bookmark his blog over HERE.

And I Heard The Strangest Thing

Here are 3 southern rap remixes I've made from the past few years that I still dig. These tracks all share the same quality in that I basically took a straight soul or funk 45 & chopped it generously to work around the song structure. They took a lot of elbow grease but it was worth the effort.

Dolla (RIP) - Who The F-ck Is That (ya mama know remix)

Baby Huey - P*p Lock And Drop It (joey remix)

B*by Boy Da Prince - The Way I Live (you got what I need rework)

Face Down A$$ Up/Green Hornet

Tonight our favorite dirty rapps party is back!

Chico Sonido, Joe Banks and myself will be throwing down Bass, Bounce, Hyphy, Jerk and all kinds of other 808 rap jams - roll through! SF Underground is at 424 Haight, and the cover is only 3 bucks.

Here's an old favorite of mine, a lewd & low budget joint on LA's Z-Rock label. Lo fi bass rhythm, soul sample, suck my weenie lyrics, girls with scabs on their thighs, nursery rhyme interpolations, it's all there.

Green Hornet - F--ck All Them Ho's

Let The Groove Move You

Super raw Crescent City funk produced by Wardell Quezergue aka "Big Q". Gus "The Groove" Lewis was a 60s Nola radio DJ and owned the Libra label, which released Inell Young's incredible 45 "What Do You See In Her".

Let The Groove Move You (Tou-Sea)

Donk Ska

Been messing around with this edit for a while, & apparently couldn't stop adding percussion fills, lol! DJs please note that this is all non-quantized.

Ska-Donk (rework)

Love Seasons - Edit

Here's a nice sweet/modern soul jam from the group Zoom, released in 1981. There were a couple little vocal turnarounds that were bugging me so I got rid of them, dubbed out a couple transitions and added some subtle percussion. Warm weather special.

Love Seasons (slow hands edit)

Wake It Up/Super Rappin': New Remix

Fresh off the block, sorry for the recent slackage!

Wake It Up (Super Rappin' Mix)

Rest In Peace Roc Raida

An absolute legend. Thank you for the inspiration and dedication to the craft.

Let It Whip: U-Tern Redux

I didn't plan on making another mix of this song but the idea just sort of materialized while getting ready for a recent gig. This time it's over a heavy uptempo instrumental from the good fellow U-Tern up in Vancouver, from his official remix to Britney's "If U Seek Amy". Check out his website here for more excellent productions and mixes. Buy his records.

Dazz/U-Tern - Let It Whip (slap edit)

Where Did Our Club Go

Used a lil snippet of this indulgent blend on the Super 7 mix:
Here's the 'loose' version just for fun.

Love In This Club (supremes rewind)

Flashback: Goodies

One from a few years back, by request.
I think this is such a cool picture of Ciara, recording in Atlanta, GA.
Lucky google find!

Goodies - (whatnauts renovation)

8 Years

Still, I'm sad. Rest in Peace.

Rock The Boat (f- them b*tches blend)


Be Without You - Illo's Summer Bounce Mix

Shout out to the Ottawa crew!

Synchro Series

Nice & long afro-dub tune off of this Nigerian lp, an old favorite.

Ja Fun Mi (instrumental) 1983

Reach Up: Free Day Party Tomorrow!

Kicks off tomorrow, patio day party in the Mission. I might even get my Kellee Patterson on and skate over there!

Dope On Plastic


Move Up - Drum Edit

Something revived from an old neglected session, the chops got kind of out there originally but I stripped it back to a drum edit to preserve the song structure. Not something to play out but some may enjoy this for what it is.

Move Up (b.cause dirty drums edit)

Ring My Bell - new edit


Skip To My Lou

I generally get irked when the beginning of a track has some good drums at the top but they're faded in! In this case as a remedy I messed with the amplitude of the loudest hits, making a little 4 bar intro with a snare at the jump.

Skip To My Lou (drum intro)

If You Get Jammed Up Don't Mention My Name

Hot off the press, stumbled across this idea messing around yesterday and could not resist.

Soul Survivor (b.cause black superman fix)

Afternoon Delight

Every once and a while you come across an 80's jazz track that really shimmers - here's an amazing one from 1986. Very affordable Groove Merchant find.

Kenny B.arron Trio - Ring Oiwake

They Can't Wait To Dub It

Happy Birthday to one of the best to ever do it. I seriously wish more people realized how incredible a rapper Mac Dre was. I'm talking top 10 GOAT. Rest in peace.

Here's 3 MD related edits I've made in the past.

In-tune edit of Zapp's "Be Alright" with a nor-cali anthem:

It's Rainin' Game (alright remix)

Unfortunately there was never an instrumental of "Feelin' Myself" and it's impossible to loop the beat clean from the vocal versions, but with a lil' elbow grease I was able to manage a cool dub/instro version complete with a bridge for blends, transitions, etc.

Feelin' Myself (instrumental edit)

Tape rip re-arrangement featuring a young Mac Mall, from the YBB cassette.

My Chevy (tape ripp edit)

Rest In Peace

I've been way too busy to do a proper post in the memory of the King Of Pop, but I wanted to at least post these alternate versions that have been floating around - most notably on this white label 12" that came out a few years ago or so. I think these recordings really capture the very basic, soulful drive of Michael in the creative process, and at a time in his career where he was really starting to go in his own direction musically. Also apparent here is the overlooked talent of youngest Jackson brother Randy (Steven), who proved to be a multi-talented musician on percussion, bass, keys, guitar, etc. Randy wrote "Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground)" and helped develop many of the songs on "Off The Wall", which can be heard on a couple of these tracks. Despite the somewhat low audio quality some of these grooves are absolutely amazing. Not sure what the story is on the "Rock With You" and "Billie Jean" versions here but they are …

I Get Wreck'd

Here's that Tim Dog Wreck'd remix from the Playcrater 2 mix, per request. Shout out to my dude Mattice.

Tim Dog/KRS-O.N.E. - Wreck'd (samoo/gamm remix)

4onefunktion Tonight

With specials guests Jay Cee Oh, Mr. E, and J-1! Peep the Super 7 mix assembled by Jay Cee Oh, featuring yours truly among many others.

SUPER 7 Volume 1

Like The Way You Work It

This is an old idea that I re-worked a few months ago and forgot about, was going through some sessions the other day and thought I should post it up. The instrumental is from the QSO/Alice Russell cover of "Left & Right" by Red, Meth and D'Angelo. Much respect to Quantic Will out in Colombia, a great dude and all around talented producer.

N.O. Diggity (follow me re-work)

Don't Need No Hook For This Hit

Messing around with the Drake instrumental and came up with this blend yesterday. I really like this beat, nothing too fancy but it has a raw, ringing swing to it.

Shawty Is A 1.0. (best i ever had fix)