We Can Ride The Rhythm

Michael Jackson - Rock With You (b.cause dee-lite house-fix-it)

Taken and further tweaked - from the finished Playcrater Too mix, which I am also posting for the first time. I am going to break loose a couple other refixes from PC2 in the near future.

This is the final full length 60+ min CD version, not the 45 minute ruff that was previously online. I have hard copies of the disc back in stock too, so holler if you want one.

DJ B.Cause - Playcrater Too
(cover & tracklist below)


clynton said…
And yet another gem from your seemingly bottomless treasure box. Thanks for this.. well everything really..
shazam-bangles said…
love this. all the way down to the handwritten playlist. i like the way you incorporate cuts and still keep it tasteful...mixing is swift and i love that gary's gang edit!
hubbz said…
Super dope as always!

thank you.

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