Edit: Ignition Remix/Spread Love + Earfuzz

My homie Chuckdafonk was kind enough to post an old edit of mine on the earfuzz site, along with a scorching old J.J. Barnes psych-soul joint that's well worth checking out. There's an abundance of Parliament/Funkadelic related nuggets on his site, I mean for real - the dude must possess a P-Funk P.H.D. The ignition remix is from 2006, I think. Big up Chuck!

Ignition - BCause Remix - R Kelly by earfuzz


chuckdafonk said…
Wow thanks for the kind words Josh! You are amazing + a fantastic funky DJ yourself man.

@chuckdafonk / http://chuck.extendr.com
maggotronix said…
more rare pfunk jams can be found here http://henpantha.wordpress.com/2009/03/16/happy-parliafunkadelicment-thangday-pinocchios-placebo-syndrome/

been loving your work since I heard the super disco hyphy mix in 2007. keep it funky.

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