Sunday, July 05, 2009

They Can't Wait To Dub It

Happy Birthday to one of the best to ever do it. I seriously wish more people realized how incredible a rapper Mac Dre was. I'm talking top 10 GOAT. Rest in peace.

Here's 3 MD related edits I've made in the past.

In-tune edit of Zapp's "Be Alright" with a nor-cali anthem:

It's Rainin' Game (alright remix)

Unfortunately there was never an instrumental of "Feelin' Myself" and it's impossible to loop the beat clean from the vocal versions, but with a lil' elbow grease I was able to manage a cool dub/instro version complete with a bridge for blends, transitions, etc.

Feelin' Myself (instrumental edit)

Tape rip re-arrangement featuring a young Mac Mall, from the YBB cassette.

My Chevy (tape ripp edit)

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mybassrocks said...

Absolutely killing it on the instrumental edit. So ridiculous that an official version never dropped. GOAT beat.