New Mix! Playin' Kinda Ruff

I've had it in my mind to do this project for a long time, but it just kept getting pushed back...of course I picked an opportune time amongst the hectic holidays to put the deadline on myself - doh! Regardless, I'm really excited and proud to present this new mix, as Roger and Zapp have always inspired so many with their unique and pioneering brand of futuristic funk. You will hear most of the staples as well as plenty of lesser known rap choruses and interludes, and your usual assortment of blends and cuts that were probably over-scrutinized in the process of creation. Rest in peace Roger and Larry,  much respect to the entire Troutman family.

I have high quality CD copies available, to order please forward $10 (shipped anywhere) using the donate button up of the top right area of this page.
intro/gonna take a break
put your lovin' to the test
it doesn't really matter
husband/thin line
you've got mail
i keep trying
we need the buck
spend my whole life
been this way before
it's going down/scandalous/piru love
computer love
wanna be your man
be alright
zapp is back
suckas do what they can/say playa
rally world
california love
raza park
run tha block/4 my homies
express yourself
all night
late night fantasy
brand new player
player needs no love
habit girl/back to cali
u gots to chill
more bounce to the ounce
girl you should be mine
the way you shake/freedom
beware my crew
get up off the wall
do it roger
dance floor
touch of jazz (playin' kinda ruff ii)
so ruff so tuff/west coast poplock
doo wah ditty
ja ready to rock
i can make you dance
in the midnight hour
heard it through the grapevine
when you're a gee
in the mix
diamonds & pearls/tc song
slow and easy

Cover art by ladylexx !


Hermilo said…
I knew I could count on you to drop some Vontel in this mix! A to the motherf*ckin' Z!
DJ B.Cause said…
hell yeah, you know it! Love to AZ always my dude.
Ross Hogg said…
This is about to make my day (just today for starters, but many more days to come). Thanks, my man!
Dj Shea said…
Good ISh, Makes my ears feel all warm and Fuzzy.
cosmobaker said…
Deeyay Mamabear said…
Don't tell toph1 but Bcause is my favorite DJ for this shit!
chuckdafonk said…
Gonna ear peep rite now .. but .. uh, you left off The Human Body Jams?!?! Like 'Make You Shake It' or 'Cosmic Roundup'
DJ B.Cause said…
haha yeah, I had to trim a lot of things I could have used but I did get my favorites on there.

Thanks to everyone who listened!
Anonymous said…
This is hella nice.

Thank you very much.

Ronnie said…
This is a very nice mix.
Dj FM Jones said…
Dam son you even put the damu ridaz sample on there sheeeeiiittt...true digger..shoulda flipped some nationwide rip ridaz on there too but all around dope mix relish!
really wanna hear this - but the link is broken!!
stateoftheheart said…
Doh! Link is broken!!! Nooooooooooo!!!!
R8R said…
B Cause This mix looks like the BUISNESS! I too had been wanting to get this one done but now that you did it there is no need. Propz My dude! Ill end up having to buy an OG though, link is dead. Cant wait to hear it!
DJ B.Cause said…
Yo sorry guys, my box account payment was overdue - ooOOF! Links should be all good now. Thanks so much for rolling through!

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