Rich Cason's Robot

Here's a great b-side vocoder dub produced by Rich Cason, who is responsible for some of the most incredible west coast electro/funk productions ever. (see Killer Groove, Street Freaks, that Capt. Rapp joint on Kimberly, etc.) That of course being just the tip of the iceberg, Cason also played with Dyke and the Blazers in their heyday, wrote and arranged material by Leon Haywood & Formula V, not to mention a gang of other songwriting and arranging accomplishments throughout the years. I don't know anything about Tony Davis and whether or not that's actually R.C. singing but the dub definitely trumps the vocal version.

Tony Davis - Bootie Whip Part II


Mark said…
hi DJ B.Cause. the old link is dead. I would be very grateful if you'd share this gem again!

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