New Mix: Record Haterz

Brand new mix cd of funked out 90's bay area rap vinyl with the homie Mista B! Please get at me for cd orders/details - $10 shipped anywhere.

DJ's Mista B & B.Cause - Record Haterz

1) Intro
2) Dubee - My Thang
3) Delinquents - Deep
4) Lil Bruce feat. G-Note & Levitti - Keep A Tre' 8
5) P.O.D.E. feat Cougnut & Baldhead Rick - Product Of D Environment (edit)
6) Black Dynasty - Fire It Up (edit)
7) Young Lay - Playah's Mode
8) Ray Luv - In The Game
9) Spice 1 - 187 Proof
10) Mac Dre - Da Gift To Gab
11) Hugh E. MC - It's the Game
12) JT The Bigga Figga - Game Tight
13) Dre Dog - Chocolate Ty
14) Cold World Hustlers - Everday Thang (somethin' to ride to edit)
15) Primo - City Of The Players
16) Dangerous Dame - Stay With Me
17) Guce - Gimmie The Right
18) Spice 1 - Sucka Ass Ni66as
19) Spice 1 - Strap On the Side
20) 3X Krazy - Stackin Chips
21) 5150 - Bump A B*tch
22) D-Moe - Another Funky Verse
23) Total Devastation - Strictly For The Streets
24) West Coast Bad Boys - Peace 2 Da Streets
25) San Quinn - Hitz I'm Makin'
26) Totally Insane - The Backstreets
27) Mac Dre - What Cha Like
28) 11/5 - On The Inside
29) Ant Banks feat Too $hort, Tupac - This Is For The Hustlers
30) E-40 - Record Haters
31) RBL Posse - Boom
32) D-Shot feat E-40 & Levitti - Call Me On The Under (edit)
33) $icc Wid It/Outro

We are having a release party as well, this Friday @ The Elbo Room.


thea said…
where do i send my ten dollars?
DJ B.Cause said…
ahh sorry, yeah you can paypal me @ or leave your email and I'll send you my address. Thanks for listening!
Matthew said…
jesus, that looks great. money's on the way.
Jexico said…
So, what if I live in Norway? Can I still buy it? I live in Norway.
DJ B.Cause said…
Norway is no problem!
DJ TENS- Phoenix AZ said…
Yo B Cause I always love your mixes. Hard As Fuck 3 gots a cult following out here in PHX with a bunch of graf writers and g's. Thanx again. -DJ Tens
D said…
Wow this is some classic shit!! Hopefully I can figure out the whole paypal deal that way I can purchase the cd!
the Skinny said…
This mix is HEAT. Big ups on the history lesson B.Cause!
DJ B.Cause said…
thanks again for listening everybody!
Linger said…
Where can I get the hard as fuck albums???
DJ B.Cause said…
holler at my email - let me know which HAF cd's you are after - thanks mayne

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