Sunday Soul: Take Me As I Am

Here's a nice 70's uptempo girl group jam out of San Francisco, Ca. The tune was written and arranged by Lafayette "Papa" Thomas, who is also responsible for the wonderful "Cry For Joy" ballad as recorded by Papa And The Utopians on Poizon. I'll get to posting that sometime soon. Too bad these records were pressed on styrene as the highs tend to get a bit fuzzy at times, but it's difficult to deny the raw rhythm & sweet harmonies on these recordings.

The Luscious Three - Take Me As I Am


waylan c said…
i'm really glad you are looking out for Bay musicians from back in the day!

recently became acquaintance/chat buddies with Rory & OM after finally checking their Afreaka night. its pretty good and they (and Mr. Meaty) schooled me on some very good songs.

hope to make it to a Funky Rewind night (obviously not there now...)

I remember checking you guys out at CSM a REAAAALLY long time ago. you guys threw down Vaughn Mason's "Bounce Rock Skate" and that seriously made my week. I have the vinyl now, classic.


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