Face Down A$$ Up/Green Hornet

Tonight our favorite dirty rapps party is back!

Chico Sonido, Joe Banks and myself will be throwing down Bass, Bounce, Hyphy, Jerk and all kinds of other 808 rap jams - roll through! SF Underground is at 424 Haight, and the cover is only 3 bucks.

Here's an old favorite of mine, a lewd & low budget joint on LA's Z-Rock label. Lo fi bass rhythm, soul sample, suck my weenie lyrics, girls with scabs on their thighs, nursery rhyme interpolations, it's all there.

Green Hornet - F--ck All Them Ho's


stefski said…
this was doooope. I gotta a couple of gems off the past couple of posts here. illo blends are always good, those Mac Dre joints were phenomenal. thanks homie.
DJ B.Cause said…
word, thanks for checkin' in Stefski!

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