Blend: Trippin' At The Disco

I can't think of anyone that exceeds his rep so thoroughly as DJ Day. Quite simply put: dope & layered production, great ear for harmony, real nice on the keys, and one of the illest DJ's you're gonna see live ever. Not to mention the mind disintegrating live MPC performances. I hope D doesn't get pissed I keep adding the "wedding element" to his songs - last time it was Jody Watley, haha! Anyways, here's a lil' blendzor using the instrumental from his remix to the new People Under The Stairs single.

Cr*zy Right Now (t.a.t.d. blend)

Now go grab the new PUTS "Trippin' At The Disco" limited 12" ASAP or be sad later. Oh dag, looks like they are gone from the site already - check your local shop! To keep up on DJ Day's music, bookmark his blog over HERE.


em-uno said…
Day is a talented fellow - but don't forget to give props to Gino Soccio!
Silent Partner said…
try it out beat! you rule.. keep up the lords work!
Anonymous said…
Why not let us download this through media fire or something, then we can bump it in our cars and ish....that would be nice :o)
DJ B.Cause said…
right click and save homie!

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