New Music: Bodie Lee

I get loads of daily messages soliciting new music as I'm sure most of you with an email account do. I find it really tough to find time to sift through the constant stream of stuff, much less find something actually enjoyable! Anyways, recently this guy Bodie hit me up with a promo and I might have missed it but I noticed he was out of Boise, Idaho. Now I have a bit of a connection with the Boise area as that is where I lived as a 5 year old, but I was also intrigued to hear what kind of tunes are coming out a place not many associate with the music biz.

Bodie Lee - Monaco

Bodie Lee - Monaco (Agent86 Disco Bomb Edit)

Bodie Lee - Foxy Tonight (Ajello Remix)

And damn, these jams turned out to be pretty hot! Uptempo, synth driven disco/dance tracks with a dubby edge and analog sound. Monaco is probably my favorite but all the tunes are nice. Check out the myspace for more on Bodie.


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