New Mixes From The Folks

Been catching up with some things, listening to mixes etc - thought I'd round some of 'em up for a post here at DITD. To start things off, one from the homie for a homie - King Most kicks off a new mix series for Kicks Hawaii and Super Handsome Sound - shout out to Chris Kam aka DJ Delve. I should be submitting a mix to the series in the near future as well.

Also while we're at it here's Delve's new mix, lot of good jams on this and the Aaliyah blend at the top is so smoooth:

Benny B from NYC with some fresh Nu-Funk and Disco flavors:

Some killer summer vibed out heaters from the man/beast DJ Day!

DJ Day - Way Out of Living by DJDay

Recently I was laced with a really tight CD only mix from 2 good friends and dope DJs Cutso and Mamabear called "Getting To Know You" - here's the snippet mix to get a sip of the juice:

"Getting To Know You" Teaser

You can pick 'em up at True and Amoeba in SF, or just holler at them.

Speaking of  Mamabear - I have yet to post here the promo mix for our new party, "Side 2 Side". Every third Thursday at the Double Dutch, we throw down west coast feels goods, 80s funk jams and other sideways joints...peep the dope flyer art by the ever imaginative Freddie Anzures:

Bonus jam: the DITD compadre DJ Theory kinda murked it with this Snoop moombahton re-vamp:

Wiz & Snoop - That Good (Theory's Moombahstoned Remix) by DJ THEORY


Beezer Holmes said…
Delve and Day mixes are both perfect.

Any chance you could up the Cassie/Gap Band blend you did about 5 or so years ago?

That was smooth as.
DJ B.Cause said…
Right on, thanks for poppin' by - yeah let me dig the cassie/whatnauts joint out...will post it sometime soon.
Beezer Holmes said…
Awesome, although i do have the Ciara and Whatnauts blend, it slays it on the regular for me. This one was the Cassie - Me & U/The Gap Band - Outstanding one.

No worries if you can't source it though, i am not expecting some sort of handout here. I just remember it sounding pretty butters when i used to drop it.
DJ B.Cause said…
Oh ok, I know what you're talking about - that's not something I made, it was serviced on problem, I'll send it to you!
Beezer Holmes said…
Thanks man, i'll send you something cool in return.

My email is

I appreciate this btw, this is above and beyond.

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